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3 August 2014


A twelve year old sells his excess produce. Click here

People’s Gardens: A growing movement. Click here

Choosing non GMO seeds a growing trend even at the garden level. Click here

Bringing the garden back from the brink. Click here


Interview with an organic farmer in Australia. Click here

Locally grown a growing trend. This example from the US. Click here

Does no-till mitigate climate change? Click here


How green is your shopping basket? Click here

“Field to Fork” an inspiration for this food business. Click here


2 August 2014


Aquaponic systems continue to grow in popularity. A US example here. Click here

Feeding the good fungi in the soil. Click here

Strategies for seed saving. Click here

And another piece on seed saving. Click here

Organic gardening: benefits far outweigh the costs. Click here

Composting tips! Click here


Planting a field of dreams: GMO free! Click here

A new form of rice pledging in Thailand. Click here

The end of GMOs? Chuck Norris comes out in favour of organics. Click here

Healthy soil is more than just dirt! Click here

1 August 2014


Compost tea, a wonder liquid fertiliser. Click here

Hospital sets up teaching garden! Click here

Propagating lavender. Click here


Woman swaps art career for organic oyster farming. Click here

Philippine teachers trained in organic farming. Click here

One Rwandan mans journey from subsistence to model farmer. Click here

Alternative Energy

The home grown food movement as an example for big energy. Click here

Biogas, could it be environmentally dangerous. Click here