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Awakening to quiet beauty

Awaking to morning after there has been considerable snow at night is always a magical experience for me, perhaps it takes me back to childhood, when a new snow meant no school, sledding and baking cookies.

It was a heavy snow of about six inches, caking the branches of every tree. And the sky color this early morning was very intense blue. It will be gone soon as its warm, and fifties are forecast for next week, so I will relish in it today.

There is a sound to the snow. But it also leaves a blanket on the interference of the noises of the human world going by the front of the farm. As much as spring and gardening and all the joys that come with warmer seasons, I do love winter for giving me quiet and less intrusion.

More Snow Shots

After hardly an snow for the last couple of years, it’s kind of nice to see some out there.

Sky thinks it’s a lot of fun.  It certainly makes his Jolly Ball easy to find.

Our skies have not been very sunny though.  I do miss sunshine.  It’s almost like it’s being held prisoner to Old Man Winter.

Lovely weeds beneath the snow.

This boy!  He is a maniac.

I do like the dramatic look. 

But I am starting to really look forward to spring.  Even though that will mean more mud again.


The Second Half of Winter

We made it through the first half of a rough winter.  It was mostly bitter cold, and that trend of below average temperatures is continuing.

Now we’ve also added some snow.  We’ve had several rounds of snow in the last week.

It’s beautiful.

Nobody wants to go out to pasture.  They are more into standing around

or hanging out in the barn.

Margarita and Buster

Maggie, Margarita, and Maybeline

It certainly isn’t helping with my need to go through less hay though.

It also makes it more challenging to do chores.

Moose, Reva and Mary (behind)

I actually had to dig out my snow shovel.

Sky was very helpful with that.