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97. Dying Reindeer, Happy Pigs, Ancient Rice, Solar Roads and Who’s to Blame for Climate Change.


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Will Solar Roadways Be Paving The Future? | Green Living

An up-close look at what the Solar Roadways panels look like. Photo credit: Solar Roadways

KREM, a CBS affiliate in Washington State, have recently been following an Idaho couple with a big idea.

Scott and Julie Brusaw are the co-founders of Solar Roadways, a company that produces solar panels that can be used on roadways in place of asphalt and concrete.

The panels do more than just create solar electricity. While Solar Roadways website provides a long list of features here are my three favorite. The panels are lightly heated allowing snow and ice to naturally melt off. Also, they contain LED lights that can be u….

Source: Will Solar Roadways Be Paving The Future? | Green Living

Solar Roadways offer very exciting prospects, but are they feasible as a large-scale long-term solution? | The Sentient City

As you can see from the video, there are a crazy amount of benefits to using this technology as an asphalt replacement: – Generates a huge amount of (clean) electricity – It’s made from recycled waste – Doesn’t freeze over, addressing the many issues that come with snowed and iced over roads – Embedded LED lights to produce interactive and dynamic displays – Embedded sensors to dete…

Source: Solar Roadways offer very exciting prospects, but are they feasible as a large-scale long-term solution? | The Sentient City

The future of solar panels: solar roadways | Hunergy

The future of solar panels: solar roadways

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This is the title of an essay written by Marcell Varga, who was one of my students at Milestone Institute during the 2014-15 Winter Term. He found an interesting topic as the technology introduced below tries to give a good answer to some difficulties and challenges regarding the utilization of solar energy.

The future of solar panels – Solar roadways

When we’re talking about energy production and consumption nowadays, global warming is among the first topics that comes to one’s mind. Naturally, most people realise that the rate at which we’re burning up our fossil fuels is not sustainable in the long run. Despite this fact, the use of renewable energy sources is still not at a satisfactory level. This might be due to some of the drawbacks of these technologies, which only weigh out those of fossil fuels under a short period of time. Let’s take solar panels for example. Setting up our house with a couple of panels can be quite expensive, but it’s nothing more than an investment, as the costs will be returned by the money we save from the electricity bills. Another disadvantage can be the limitation to only use it when there’s sunlight, but storing energy is difficult, no matter what type of electricity we’re talking about. Some people also dislike the low effectiveness of solar cells, which requires them to cover a large surface. In most cases this problem is solved by putting the panel sin rooftops, because these areas wouldn’t be put to use otherwise. But there’s something else that takes up a huge area of our cities, and absorbs a lot of sunlight without taking advantage of it. I’m talking about roads.

It’s been estimated that covering every road in the United States with solar cells would generate three times as much energy as the country needs. Of course this is impossible with the panels currently available, because we need them to be a lot more durable. This is the problem that a couple in America seem to have solved. In 2006, Julia and Scott Brusaw started a project to create solar panels that can be used as pavement on roads. After several prototypes, their product was convincing enough to raise ove 2 million dollars in donations on the fundraiser site Indiegogo. In 2009 and 2011 they recieved $100,000 and $750,000 from the Department of Transformation as a Small Business Innovation Research grant. We can see that their invention is quite popular, but how does it work?

via The future of solar panels: solar roadways | Hunergy.