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“As Africa prospers, will diets improve?”


“As Africa prospers, will diets improve?” The media has been pondering this question lately. On the one hand, veteran environmentalist Lester Brown warns that huge dustbowls could leave regions of northern Africa in serious agricultural trouble. [2] On the other, SciDev.Net reports encouraging progress on sweet potato production in Africa. So what do we need to know to make an assessment? Two recent academic studies are useful.

On the verge of retirement, noted environmentalist and celebrated systems analyst Lester Brown has a dire warning for the world –http://www.countercurrents.org/drou-colo-480.jpg

Both books draw out several interesting policy lessons and make clear that scientific research is only one element among many needed to improve people’s diets.

[1] David Leonhardt As Africa prospers, will diets improve? (New Telegraph, 16 February 2015)

[2] Suzanne Goldenberg Lester Brown: ‘Vast dust bowls threaten tens of millions with hunger’ (The Guardian, 25 February 2015)

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