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27 January 2014

Organic Gardening

Grow your own tea in your own garden! Click here.

A call for the use of heritage/heirloom cultivars. Click here.

One person’s reasons for going and staying organic. Click here.

Organic Farming

Keynote speaker at upstate NY conference, changing the world, one new organic farmer at a time. Click here.

Oxford College in the US state of Georgia begins transforming lawn into organic farm. Click here.

Vietnam sees great opportunity in the organic rice market. Click here.

Organic Food

Demand for organic food outstripping demand in Costa Rica. Click here.

Organic farming becoming mainstream in the Philippines as demand for organic food grows. Click here.

Urban Farming

A St Paul community developing an integrated urban farm and park move a step closer. Click here.

26 January 2014


Good tips on growing your own Kale and Collards. Click here.

Gardening trends for 2014: habitat, edible, sustainable. Click here.


The Elders of organic farming meet in California. Wow! Imagine the years of experience in this room. Click here.

Diversification is the key to complex systems. Adding sheep and goats are suggested in this article. Click here.

The economic crisis of the past years does not appear to have effected the French organic sector. Click here.


Health benefits of eating kale. Easy to grow and easy to eat. Click here.

Urban Farming

A new development proposal based upon an organic farm with housing attached. Click here.

AN organic farm in downtown Montreal. All things are possible. Click here.

25 January 2014


An Indian perspective on the levels of knowledge organic gardeners need to succeed. Systems managers rather than cogs in a machine is how I think of it. Click Here.

There are good reasons for every organic garden to have fruit trees. Discover “How to” in this article. Click here.

Organic pesticides are a last resort when the predators and companion planting aren’t enough. Click here.


A story on the benefits of organic farming in the Philippine uplands. Click here.

Small, sustainable, local and networked are the keys to good knowledge flow and problem solving. An Idaho perspective. Click here.

Taiwan aiming to increase the area under organic production. Click here.

This article explains the benefits of small farms. Click here.


It is best to know the farmer growing your food. Transport of organics through the industrial food system leads to contamination. We saw this in yesterday’s post on sprouting sweet potatoes. Click here.

33rd edition of the Guelph organic conference announced. A wide range of topics will be covered. Click here.

This one has me thinking. Monsanto going organic? Click here.

Reference Page

Over the next week I’m building a list of useful reference sites to be placed on a separate page. If anyone has suggestions email me redocean112 (at) gmail (dot) com


24 Jan 2014: Urban Farming

Urban Farming

A new venture in greenhouse production in the coldest US winter in 20 years. Click here.

Urban agribusiness is still agribusiness. This article explains a chemical based approach. Click here.

Tropical plant and soil science students bringing the farm to the edge of the tarmac. Click here.

Cubans were forced into organic urban agriculture after the collapse of the Soviet block. They have twenty plus years of doing the hard yards. Click here.