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31 January 2014


Biodynamic gardens in New Zealand’s Hawke’s Bay area a living example of what can be done. Click here.

Organic garden design. An ecopreneur approach. Click here.

New books bring different perspectives to organic gardening. Click here.


Organic farmer in WA faces off with Monsanto in court. Click here.

Philippine ag department looking to train 50,000 farmers by 2016. Click here.

Photographic exhibition explores paddock to plate organic practitioners. Click here.


A call for “science” based approach to certification. Click here.

The cost of organic food, a Malaysian perspective. Click here.

Urban Farming

Upcycling to build a chicken coop. It just takes imagination. Click here.

A conservative approach, just 30% of your greens, to urban horticulture. Click here.

30 January 2014

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Edible and healing flowers, an indispensable organic guide. Click here.

The wonders of corn. Maize of many colours. Click here.

An Indian perspective on the small in organic gardening. Click here.


From where does your nutrient load come? Interesting background research into soil. Click here.

Should small independent farmers with a libertarian streak be milking the US Farm Bill cash cow? Some think so. Click here.

Fraud in the organic sector is a real problem. Click here.


In Denmark a suggested market manipulation to make organic food tax free. Click here.

Australian meat industry sees big growth in organic certification applications. Click here.

Urban Farming

Graduate in genetics and biotech takes to backyard farming. Click here.

The Lusaka City Council looking to ban backyard chickens! Click here.

29 January 2014


The garden city of Bangalore starts growing more food. Click here.

Eco-tourism and organic gardening venture in Tunisia. Click here.

Gardening’s future is organic, food focused and adaptable. Click here.


Belgian architect designs a sustainable sky farm. Click here.

Supply issues thwart organic meat producers in NZ south island. Click here.


Providing food that is local, sustainable and exciting. Click here.

A paddock to plate organic food chef. Click here.

Urban Farming

An urban farm in NYC. A big hit with students. Click here.

Many people are changing to backyard farming for organic and supply chain reasons. Click here.

Backyard farmer saves money. It’s simple really. Click here.

28 January 2014


This happens everywhere! Gardeners are by nature generous people. How could we not be given what the soil returns for so little effort by us? Click here.

A cinema adds a small garden. Food and flowers can be grown anywhere! Click here.

Art meets horticulture! Is it not ever so? Click here.


Leaked EU proposal alarm organic farmers.  Click here.

In the Balkans, a story about the growing importance of organic systems. Click here.

A method to make it pay. Click here.


Sao Paulo, the biggest city in Latin America, sees organic markets take off. Click here.

Local resident launches “locavore” directory. Click here.

Local, low tech and sustainable as a counter to corporate high tech. Click here.