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9 February 2014


Growing tomatoes? Why you should go organic. Click here.

“Lasagna” gardening! An interesting approach. Click here. 

Water smart gardening! It’s all in the design. Click here.


Fijian women funded to start organic farm! Click here.

More on the Marsh Vs Monsanto. An article from WA. Click here.

Talisay City, Philippines looks to be organic vegetable “bread basket”. Click here.


The great gluten panic continues, Part 2. Click here.

Organic food is a big hit everywhere it’s available. This piece from Hungary. Click here.

Backyard Farming

For those under snow at the moment, this is a useful read. Click here.

8 February 2014


The benefits and wonders of raised bed gardening. Click here.

A Taranaki garden, both beauty and food. Click here.

Lettuce, easy to grow, abundant returns. Click here.


Are fish the key to an organic future? Click here.

More on the Marsh Vs Monsanto court case in Western Australia. Click here.

Nepalese farmers visit Australia to exchange organic techniques. Click here.


The great gluten panic! Click here.

Chinese demand for organic food is rising. Beef producers see an opportunity. Click here.

Backyard Farming

A Bahamian experience in backyard growing. Click here.

7 February 2014


A New Zealand biodynamic garden story. Click here.

A Facebook group developed out helping others to garden organically. Click here.

The school garden! An Australian perspective. Click here.


Organic growers struggle with GMO contamination and tolerance levels. Click here.

Organic, heirloom, heritage, conventional or a combination? Which seeds are best for you? Click here.


Indigenous diets may be the answer to modern “western” diseases. Click here.

A locavore looks back over the past four years. Click here.

6 February 2014


A small organic garden in New Zealand built by apartment dwellers. Click here.

Feeding the microbes in your soil. A great graphic in this article – a picture is worth a thousand words! Click here.


Broccoli in organic rotations shortens years between strawberry crops. Click here.

Organic methods to change the world! Click here.

Research shows organic farming increases biodiversity and it’s great for bees. Click here.

An interesting discussion on non-organic but non-factory inputs into organic farms. Is this watering down standards? Click here.

Useful Websites

These sites are well worth a look.

Journey to Forever.

National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service

Maryland Small Ruminant Page

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