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12 February 2014


Local food is a good start but don’t forget the beauty of cut flowers. Click here

Beekeeping, good for small gardens and large farms. Click here


Micro farm enters its third year. Not as much land is needed as you thought. Click here

Nitrate leeching a concern for organic systems too. Intensive is still intensive. Click here

Climate smart farming the key to the future. Click here


Another design for urban food production. Grow it local, eat it local. Click here

Renewable Energy

Ten ways alternative energy will alter the way we use technology. Click here

Backyard Farming

Nigerian man starts small in his backyard, does really well. Click here

11 February 2014


Pest control with oils. Vegetable not petrochemical. Click here.

Fruits, vegetables and now with added fish! Click here.

They really need an acid soil but blueberries are great! Click here.


Marsh Vs Monsanto started yesterday. Click here.

Organic conference in Kerala commences 3 April 2014. Click here.

Small farmers in the Davao region of the Philippines to receive organic fertilizers. Click here.


Organic food sales could be the new bell wether for the end of economic hard times. Click here.

Backyard Farming

Backyard farmers in Sierra Leone recently celebrated 8 years of production. Click here.

Ethiopia to push urban agriculture. Click here.

10 February 2014


Soil testing, a “how to” guide. Click here.

Sustainability through landscaping. Creating the structure first. Click here.

In praise of chickens in the garden. Click here.


A family plans to drop organic certification after 13 years. The reasons are given in this article. Click here.

Sustainable farming requires a grasp of mathematics as well as biology. Click here.

A family history of organics and how they have changed the landscape. Click here.


Growing your own food is an idea with universal appeal. This is a Malaysian perspective. Click here.

Eating “clean” on a budget. Click here.

Backyard Farming

Organic urban farming the next big trend. An investor puts his money in the game. Click here.