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Breaking Ground – Maui Urban Farmer

It has certainly been a busy couple years, since moving from Oregon. In about 18 months, we sold our home, moved 1000 miles away to San Diego (two different rentals) and then moved 2600 miles away to the most isolated island chain on the planet. About 3 months ago we closed escrow on our new home, on the island of Maui, Hawaii. I won’t go into all the details as to why we uprooted our 4 children to go on this crazy adventure – but the sum of it is family, health, and sustainability. Maui with it’s abundance of natural resources, both in the ocean (Makai) and land (Mauka) alike, along with it’s 12 month growing season made the perfect backdrop for our new family project.

The goal of this Blog is to document our transition from what I would classify as a typical, middle-class, Americ…

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Organic Vegan No Dig Garden — Verb: Vegan

The kindest garden feeds not only the human “owners” of a garden, but also the wildlife. Kindness extended to the gardener and the soils natural biota means using the no dig method. You see, digging damages the mycorrhizal fungi within the soil, upsets the natural balance of the fauna within the soil, opens up areas for […]

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Late fall in the garden — will garden for cake

This update is a little late but if you are wondering how the garden is coming along, here it is! When we finally had our hard frost a few weeks ago, I went out and spent the day cleaning and harvesting what I could. In my effort to add visual interest, I have added a […]

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