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GrowPanel from Sunshine SystemsI attended this years Chicago…

GrowPanel from Sunshine Systems

I attended this years Chicago Plant and Garden Show on Navy pier and meet with folks at Sunshine Systems to look at some very amazing led lighting.  I used grow lights in my home to start seeds for my rooftop garden.  I received the GrowPanel 45 and just installed it today.  I’ve always used florescent bulbs to go seedlings and to also force plants to bloom.  The GrowPanel is made completely of LED lights.  I am a hugh fan of LED lights because of the reduced heat emission and the reduction in electrical costs.  My goal is to provide all of you a weekly update on how this lighting is working on my hard to bloom plants and new seedlings.  I will take pictures and keep you posted.

Have a great Sunday!

This the my 1st weekly update on the GrowPanel 45.  I decided to…

GrowPanel (Top) Florescent (Bottom)

GrowPanel 45

This the my 1st weekly update on the GrowPanel 45.  I decided to choose several plants that haven’t bloomed in awhile (african violets, streptocarpus, pitcher plants) and a couple others that are not doing as well as I expected in my apartment.  I also included a couple of transplants to see how they will do as well.  All plants are growing but no new blooms as of today.  The GrowPanel is on 12 hours a day via a timer. 

349 – LED vs Incandescent Light

Paul, Jocelyn and Fred discuss the question whether incandescent light is still better than LED light. The short answer is “yes.” The longer answer fills a podcast. They explore many aspects: subsidy, energy sucking activities (heating, cooling, drying clothes, cooking), lighting habits, light quality, longevity, toxicity from cradle to grave, complexity, and the total energy cost. They talk about the advantages of the heat produced by incandescent and strategies to save energy by using focused tasks lights.

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