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Building Raised Beds Lasagna Style – by Anna | Shoulder to Shoulder with The Poor


What is this new mess in the garden?! Lasagna?! It has to be permaculture!

RVA is now in the process of changing our organic garden according to permaculture principles. Our expert – Luke – comes twice a month to instruct and help us with this process. Lately, we’ve been building raised beds, lasagna style!

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Homemade Dirt Lasagna, Feeding Worms | DirtNKids

Posted on April 12, 2015 by Shannon

“In the spring, at the end of the day, you should smell like dirt.” ~ Margaret Atwood.

Flippin’ Gardening Gets Me Flippin’ Excited

This may be my favorite time of year. You can’t see my toenails and fingernails, but I can tell you they. Are. Dirty.

The spring garden season at DirtNKids always starts with a compost flipping exercise which always (and quickly) ends with a planted garden. It’s just hard to stop the momentum once the clean-up begins, and I find myself yearning for the immediate gratification of a walk-able garden space once again.

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“Lasagna Gardening” or “No Dig” primer. | garden

This is a great way to quickly create a raised bed for gardening when you have less than perfect soil.  If you have heavy clay soil, like many of us do in the southwest Washington state area, this is an especially useful method to set up your garden beds or plots.  (It works for other soils, too, though!) Once you gather the materials, you can construct the “bed” and plant the same day!

This method has been introduced and rediscovered multiple times by different people all over the earth, within the last hundred years, and probably many times before, too! Known as “Lasagna Gardening”, “Sheet Composting” and “Layered Composting”, it has some great benefits:  1) no til, 2) no dig, 3) converts newspaper, kitchen & yard scraps into great soil, 4) sets up quickly and 5) since it results in a “raised bed” it warms up sooner and extends the growing season here in the Pacific Northwest, west of the Cascades.

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Lasagna and Earthworms | Home Flavors

This is a gardening, not a food post. A lasagna style garden bed is one in which layers of material that plants can grow in are put down on top of the soil. It’s a way of creating a garden bed without digging. Last fall I made a lasagna style bed using newspaper and leaves over an area that I had been mowing for 12 years. While I had my shovel out today, I checked what it looked like under the newspaper.

I was happy to see lots of earthworms. Before putting down the layer of 3-5 sheets of newspaper, I had sprinkled lime and cornmeal on the ground. Lime is a normal soil additive, but I read that earthworms are attracted to cornmeal. I tried it and it appears to have worked. I was digging and transplanting liriope from a spot just a few feet away from the bed where I had sprinkled cornmeal. There were definitely more worms in the area I had put the cornmeal.

My plan for the bed is to wait about 2 more months and then plant it with sweet potatoes. They thrive here normally if deer and rabbits are kept away. The earthworm tunnels and castings will hopefully provide a good root zone for them.

via Lasagna and Earthworms | Home Flavors.