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GrowPanel from Sunshine SystemsI attended this years Chicago…

GrowPanel from Sunshine Systems

I attended this years Chicago Plant and Garden Show on Navy pier and meet with folks at Sunshine Systems to look at some very amazing led lighting.  I used grow lights in my home to start seeds for my rooftop garden.  I received the GrowPanel 45 and just installed it today.  I’ve always used florescent bulbs to go seedlings and to also force plants to bloom.  The GrowPanel is made completely of LED lights.  I am a hugh fan of LED lights because of the reduced heat emission and the reduction in electrical costs.  My goal is to provide all of you a weekly update on how this lighting is working on my hard to bloom plants and new seedlings.  I will take pictures and keep you posted.

Have a great Sunday!

Vermicomposting Indoors! – The Living Loft

Good evening! This past weekend I finally harvested the product of a vermicompost that I started a few months ago and was able to get 3.5 lbs. worth of worm casings! This was very exciting for us since this is one experiment I was a little unsure about, especially doing it all indoors. I am happy to report that this is one experiment we will definitely keep going.

What is Vermicomposting? Essentially it is the act of using worms and microorganisms to turn kitchen scraps into a very nutrient dense soil. A type of composting, vermicomposting is capable of being done in a small area and, as we’ve just discovered, all indoors! I had heard a lot about worm bins and composting and wanted to try it because I felt bad we had kitchen and plant scraps going to waste and were una…

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