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Join the club that delivers you garden seeds at just the right time of the year to plant them – hand selected based on your garden specs. Start by telling us a little bit about your garden, preferences, and location. Then, each month we’ll send you a curated collection of heritage garden seeds.

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Loosened Restrictions Could Bring More Urban Farms

-Chattanooga city officials recently approved an ordinance that makes it easier for residents to establish urban farms within city limits.-

“From the front, D.B. Reisen’s home looks no different than any other lining Davidson Road.

Step out back, however, and you’ll find a dozen chickens clustered in a shed, 15 sheep grazing under the protection of a coyote-kicking guard horse, and a trio of cattle watching it all lazily from behind a hot-wire fence.

The scene is not completely uncommon along the well-trafficked corridor. A handful of Reisen’s neighbors house goats, donkeys and chickens of their own.”

Read the FULL STORY at: “TimesFreePress.com