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Dealing with food waste – Trash Talk Helsinki

I love fruit. Any and every kind of fruit this planet has to offer. I eat a lot of it and quite a bit of veg, too.

Earlier this year, after reading about the botched Paris Agreement progress, I started really looking into doing my (tiny) bit to reduce waste and greenhouse gases. I came across information about how much methane food waste creates when thrown out together with regular trash, wrapped in plastic (see http://www.climatecentral.org/gallery/graphics/food-waste-methane-and-climate-change for instance).

By disposing of each type of trash separ….

Source: Dealing with food waste – Trash Talk Helsinki

Why Is Reducing Our Food Waste Important? — Biofriendly Planet Magazine

Food waste is a very serious issue not only in the UK, but across the entire world. It’s so big an issue that it has impacted everyone in so many aspects, all of which, to a very high degree. Here are some of the alarming facts from the Waste and Resources Action Programme (WRAP) 2015 […]

via Why Is Reducing Our Food Waste Important? — Biofriendly Planet Magazine

Xergi Biogas Plants Completed for Bernard Matthews and Others

Xergi Biogas Plants: By the Xergi Biogas company, Denmark’s market leading supplier of AD technology has been building a successful biogas business in the UK, and around the world, for over 6 years, with multiple plants now either operational, or in construction. Nowadays, new Xergi biogas plants are announced every few months. As you can see from the multiple news item snippets below, they are getting plenty of exposure within the AD and Renewable Energy news scene.

Scroll to the bottom of this page for the 2012 announcement about Xergi’s work for the Turkey magnate Bernard Matthews of East Anglia!

Find out more about Xergi’s biogas plant designs and construction expertise by watching the video below:

In March 2011,  it was just starting, when Xergi Biogas handed over a new biogas plant to one of Britain’s largest vegetable producers at Wrangle, near Boston in Lincolnshire. There was also their announced Scottish AD plant to be built at Barkip, North Ayrshire.

Xergi and other Biogas EPC contractors are listed at our Biogas EPC Contractor website

Xergi Biogas Online: Recent Xergi Press Releases About Their Projects

Blue Sphere Corporation’s Charlotte Anaerobic Digestion Facility

But for a look at what a company like BLSP might one day become, Denmark offers a similar example. Denmark’s Xergi Biogas Plants: A Model For Blue Sphere Xergi is a Danish company that has been mainly designing and building (but sometimes assisting in operating … via Blue Sphere Corporation

Le Sueur Hometown BioEnergy Facility “Green Giant town bets big on biogas”

The technology and process design for the plant was provided by Xergi, a Danish firm that specializes in providing Xergi Biogas Plants. “They have a great deal of experience in anaerobic digestion using multiple feed stocks like we’re doing here,” Dillon said. via Le Sueur Hometown BioEnergy facility

Anaerobic Digestion Plant at Tully Quarry near Ballymena

The anaerobic digestion plant at Tully Quarry near Ballymena could generate 3MW of electricity from up to 40,000 tonnes of chicken litter a year – enough to power 4,000 homes, according to biogas plant supplier Xergi. “The Xergi Biogas Plant will convert the chicken … via Chicken Waste Plant in Northern Ireland

Environmental Power (US) Invests in Xergi Equipment

Environmental Power is phasing out an older business in burning waste coal to focus on its Microgy subsidiary, which uses a technology that it licensed from Xergi, a Danish company. Microgy, whose digesters can accept used cooking grease as well as manure, has already sold three of its machines in Wisconsin, and is building one in Huckabay, Tex., that will process waste from 10,000 cows. It will own that one itself, and hopes to sell the resulting gas on the open market. … via Latent Power Barnyard

Dublin Company Building a Giant (Xergi Sourced) Energy Plant to Process Chicken Litter (Poo)

A dublin renewable-energy firm has struck a deal with Northern Irish officials to build a huge Xergi Biogas Plant facility dedicated to processing chicken litter.

Stream BioEnergy this week announced plans to start work on the new complex in Antrim, while it hopes to get similar projects off the ground in Dublin and Cork by the end of the year.

It is expected the Northern Irish plant will cost about £23 million (€28 million) to build and will process tens of thousands of tonnes in chicken litter a year using “state-of-the-art anaerobic digestion technology”.

This will be matched by a UK recycling fund, while Danish company Xergi Biogas Plants, which is contracted for the construction of the plant, will also invest some cash. Plants in the Republic The plant will be a similar size to two more facilities that BioEnergy is … via A Dublin plant to process chicken poo

Flashback to the first version of this page which was published in 2012.

Xergi Biogas Plants for Bernard Matthews

“Xergi is to supply Holton Renewable Power, which is a joint venture between Bernard Matthews and Glendale Power, a development company specialising in anaerobic digestion, with a biogas plant. The plant will be located close to Bernard Matthews’ …” via The PoultrySite


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