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Creating Rooftop Gardening Spaces

As the weather is getting warmer and we start the design process for creating a rooftop garden, spend some time getting inspired by other rooftop garden spaces and look at different ways you plan to use the space.  If you rooftop garden is large enough, try to create different rooms or vignettes and break up the space.  I’ve divided my rooftop garden into several sections.  I have a “Living Room” with a couch, chair and table under a pergola, a “Dining Room” with a table, 4 chairs, and canopy, a “Relaxation Space” with a lounge chair and table next to my fountain and trees, a greenhouse for my vegetables, and a greenhouse for my plants.  Each of these spaces are not screened off but I’ve strategically located plants to define areas.   They about using the space for a  Jacuzzi, a cutting garden, or even place for storage.

I look for focal points within the rooftop garden.  My exit to the rooftop is in the middle of the building.  As you exit to the right, the focal point is the large pergola. You are drawn to that seating area.  I tried to link link the inside of my house to the rooftop garden space.  I am more of a minimalist gardener and have chosen cooler colors for my plants.  It is extremely hot on the roof in the middle of the summer and I prefer the cooler colors of blue, pink and purple and avoid the reds and the yellows.  I also have kept the patterns the same with beige and lighter colors which are the same inside my home as well.

Start drawing a plan and make sure it is to scale.  Look at the proportions of the overall space and let your imagination flow.