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Companion Planting in the Tropics – Vertical Stacking

We have been playing around with companion planting at Project Canossian. Actually it’s more of stacking plants on top of one another rather than just adjacent. Lots of failures with some successes. It is something we have been experimenting with since our days at Project Green Valley. There are many good reasons why you would […]

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Raised Bed Plans | The Microfarm Mom

Recently I wrote about my plans to utilize companion planting and vertical growing methods to maximize the space in our small garden this year.  I was asked to post my plans for these 4×8 wood-framed beds, so here they are!  These are packed tightly, as it’s an experiment to see just how intensively I can plant.  The books I used to come up with the spacing parameters can be found at the bottom of this post.

Note: “SP” stands for succession plantings.  Green lines indicate trellis.  Areas in red will be sown with my 4-row seeder.  Areas in yellow will be planted using homemade seed mats.  (Click here for more information on how I make hexagonal spaced seed mats for direct-seeded crops.)

Bed 1: 8 half-sheets of parsnip, two 8-foot hormanova trellises with 8 pruned indeterminate tomatoes each spaced at 12″, 4 sheets of SP lettuce, 4 sheets of SP chard, various herbs (will be purchased from the local nursery)

Bed 2: two basketweave trellises with 6 plants each (6 determinate tomatoes, 2 determinate tomatoes + 4 tomatillo) spaced 18″, 8 pep….

Source: Raised Bed Plans | The Microfarm Mom