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Being Naughty

I think it was last Wednesday that we finally came out of the ridiculously cold to just a bit below average cold.  It was warm enough for the goats to feel naughty and get in trouble.

Casey: Don’t look at me. It was Moose.

As soon as I went into the barnyard to do chores, I noticed some goat had opened the gate to the birds’ pen.  They had eaten the corn from the birds’ pan, but luckily they hadn’t broken into the big tub of corn.

Zinnia: It was just a little snack.

I kicked out the goats and saw the geese were still just sitting outside in the pen.

I looked in and saw the birds still inside the building.

Nugget is getting big and handsome.

Then I started walking through the barn and found my old male peacock lying out there sunning himself.

Luckily, he wasn’t too hard for me to grab, but I missed getting both wings tucked in right away, and he beat the snot out of me.  I literally had bruise lines on my jaw from where his wings smacked me.

At least I got him back into the safety of his pen.

Then I put my twine back around the gate so they can’t do that again.

Naughty goats.

laying hens in January

Our average temperature over the last few weeks has been about ten degrees – that’s Fahrenheit, for our friends in Canada – and the impact of such low temperatures reaches into every aspect of our days and nights.  Life becomes a response to the weather, maybe like being on a tall ship in a big storm, where there is some overall plan but also constant adjustment to event.  This morning at five the thermometer said it was 31 degrees, and we are relaxing into the lull.  The chickens, after dropping way down for the cold spell, are picking up again – today thirty-four hens gave us seven eggs, about twenty percent lay.


Meet the Chickens – ChickenLibrarian

Me and Little Girl playing along with #chickenselfiesunday

Our homestead is made up of a lot of things but my main love are the chickens. I got my first flock about 10 years ago when we lived in TN. I did my homework and decided on Barred Rock as my choice of chickens. I was telling my friend this and she told me that she knew someone who was hatching barred rocks. So ‘over the mountain’ we went to fetch these baby chicks. Mind you, I’d never touched a chicken before! So I picked out 10 baby chicks. This turned out to be the best de

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Mother Hen Chronicles: Raising Backyard Chickens — Urban Grower Chronicles

I love raising chickens in my backyard. Although I have been an urban gardener for almost 6 years, the idea of raising my own chickens didn’t appeal to me until this year. Observing my birds and learning their life cycle has been part of my mission this gardening season; watching them eat, forage […]

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