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7 August 2014


Home gardening returns way more than it costs. Click here

Growing more than food. Click here

Dancing carrots! Another benefit of organic gardening. Click here


It takes a certain kind of courage to start a vineyard. Click here

Hemp production on the rise world wide. Click here

Manure improves forage-grain operation, from Canada. Click here

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Whether red or white, more wines are turning green. Click here


Agri-Terrorism? Feds Shut Down Seed Library in Pennsylvania

Wow!!! Resistance is fertile!!!

6 August 2014


Trimming and storing garlic. Click here

A garden focusing on medicinal herbs. Click here

Building a herb spiral. Click here

The ecological advantages of being lazy and untidy! Click here


Organic farming continues to grow in Fiji. Click here

A Thai example of organic vegetables and coffee. Click here

Sunshine Coast, Queensland, a farming area in flux. A photo essay. Click here

New advances in biofuel, an answer for America’s farms? Click here

Using agonet has many advantages over greenhouses, from Kenya. Click here

5 August 2014


The importance of starting a garden. Click here

A high altitude, arid region vegetable garden returns much. Click here

A co-operative venture between a college and Women’s groups teach “garden to plate” skills. Click here


Farmers reap the benefits of “pee-cycling”. Click here

Neil Young urges fans to support non-organic cotton. Click here

Water management key to fish sustainability. Organic farming helps too. Click here

Taking the pledge to never eat factory farmed pig meat. Click here

Learning more about GMOs and locally adapted seeds. Click here

The 3 big myths about factory chicken farming. Click here

Green garments! 6,000 farmers moving to organic fibre production. Click here