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49 Beautiful DIY Raised Garden Beds Ideas

“If you are planning to a vegetable garden, the best place to plant it may not be in the ground, many gardeners today use raised beds which lift the plants and their roots above ground level. There are a number of good reasons to garden this way; you can choose your soil for good plants and good harvest. Raised bed also brings the garden up where it’s easier to reach for weeding and harvesting.”

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Urban farmers are learning to grow food without soil or natural light

Growing food in cities became popular in Europe and North America during and immediately after World War II. Urban farming provided citizens with food, at a time when resources were desperately scarce. In the decades that followed, parcels of land which had been given over to allotments and city farms were gradually taken up for urban development. But recently, there has been a renewed interest in urban farming – albeit for very different reasons than before.

As part of a recent research project investigating how urban farming is evolving across Europe, I found that in countries where growing food was embedded in the national culture, many people have started new food production projects. There was less uptake in countries such as Greece and Slovenia, where there was no tradition of urban farming. Yet a few community projects had recently been started in those places too.

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Vertical Gardens on Parking Garages Boost Well Being

If you’re going to build something like a car park, why not make it beautiful?

This is the philosophy of Maitland’s Bob Dennerley, a craftsman with a passion for creativity and design.

Bob is urging the Hunter’s city planners and politicians to push for vertical gardens on multi-level car parks.

What Bob is trying to say, is that car parks are ugly. Hideous, even.

And who would disagree?

Many [or all] of them are concrete monstrosities often frequented by understandably moody commuters, struggling to get to work on time or desperate to get home.

Bob says vertical gardens have an “aesthetic value on people’s mental health”.


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