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Zero Carbon Homes Live On – Thinking Energy

There was an announcement in early March that all (major) new build residential developments in London from the 1st October 2016 will need to meet the Greater London Authority’s ‘Zero Carbon’ target.

The GLA have maintained the introduction of a ‘Zero Carbon’ target so that the property industry in London is prepared for the introduction of a ‘Near Zero Energy Buildings’ policy by 2020. In simple terms, the GLA definition of ‘Zero Carbon’ requires that all CO2 emissions remaining after the current requirement for a 35% reduction beyond Building Regulations are accounted for. This can be ach….

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Fall, Food and Fodder for the Future – Peace Country Gardens


There is a tinge of lemon on the poplar leaves and that all too familiar bite in the air. Summers are crazy when you live as far north as we do…just over 1200 kilometers (760 miles) north of Vancouver, BC. When spring arrives summer is hot on its heels, licking up all the ice and snow and churning out so much fast growing greenery it takes your breath away. My father loved to tell us to be careful not to stand in one spot in the field too long because the grass was growing so fast it would knock you off your feet. As a kid you almost believed it.

Then along comes a string of days like the ones we are having now, with that undeniable shift in the air. Yesterday a flock of Canada geese winged p….

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Apples | LondonAndIoW

All the sunshine has done the apples on my apple tree a lot of good. (See left.)

If I were a better gardener, I would thin the apples out so that they grow far bigger.  But I’m not really an avid fruit grower – when it works out well, I am pleased but some years the crop isn’t all that good.  I think I just like the novelty of letting my childr….

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