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What I like about WWOOFing – RobinHoFotos


WWOOF aims to provide volunteers (often called “WWOOFers” or “woofers”, /ˈwʊfər/) with first-hand experience in organic and ecologically sound growing methods, to help the organic movement; and to let volunteers experience life in a rural setting or a different country. WWOOF volunteers generally do not receive financial payment. The host provides food, accommodation, and opportunities to learn, in exchange for assistance with farming or gardening activities.

— Wikipedia

WWOOF is an exchange

Volunteer help in exchange for food, accommodation and learning opportunities in organic farming/growing and sustainable life practices. There is no hierarchy between host and volunteer, no productivity expectations, no financial transactions, and as such WWOOFing encourages a partnership based on mutual trust and respect.

I first came to WWOOF because I struggled getting a paid job and because I didn’t want to spend to much money/ be able to stay in Canada for the period of time I intended to stay. That was in May of 2014.

But before I was able to search for a host AND get t…

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Container garden | Don’t Know What To Do With My Hands

It was finally time for me to accept that my onions did not do well in the containers. I think the problem was less the restricted space, and more that the soil wasn’t very fertile. I’ll end up using these babies anyway, but I wish they had gotten a little bigger.

Now that the pots are empty, I want to fill them back up with lettuce and spinach. I love having fresh lettuce on the portch because it’s so ea….

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beautiful bounty | noallotment.

The raised beds have been a little neglected while trying to balance working, a baby and getting back into the gym but I think I’m about there. Today (two weeks later than planned) I have been and harvested carrots, beetroot and the first batch of runner beans!

As I have previously mentioned, I am certainly no expert at this! However I do plan on improving my growing skills so hopefully our little fa….

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Stabilised Earth Bricks… Like building your home with Lego. – Green It Yourself Now!

Earth is probably the oldest building material known and has been used in traditional construction in almost all the regions in the world for centuries. It has been used in the form of COB, hammed earth and adobe which are similar methods of construction that use soil and organic materials such as straw to produce sun-dried individual bricks or whole walls. After the creation of the fired clay brick, which can be mass-produced and is widely used in construc….

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