Let’s get this project started

The guest room needs a makeover  – nothing too serious, just a fresh coat of paint, 
a new window treatment, new shade for the glass door, new bedding, new rug by the door, 
cut off the two posts at the foot of the bed. Ok, maybe it’s a little more serious than I thought.
I’ve been wanting to start this project for months but have been paralyzed by indecision, 
and it’s all because of the wood trim. To paint it or not to paint it, that has been my dilemma.
 Yesterday, after spending way too much time on houzz.com reading through hundreds 
of discussions on the topic, I’ve decided to paint it. The consensus over there appears to be: 
if it’s painted trim you want, paint it, but don’t paint wooden doors if they’re nice-looking and solid.
So that’s my plan. I will paint the baseboards, the windowsill, and the trim 
around the doors some shade of white and not paint the wood doors.
p.s. I’m going to the paint store on Friday, so there’s still time to talk me out of it.

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