Sheep-keeping and Tea Parties

My poor sheep have lived the last two months on filthy,
worn down paths through frozen slush and snow.
There is no reason for them to venture an further than that,
unfortunately, with all of the snow on the ground.
They spend their days between the hay feeder and their little houses.
Ordinarily I clean out their houses each morning.
Sheep have a nasty habit of pooping where they sleep.
Quite often they urinate at the same time as well.
As you can imagine, this makes for quite a mess inside their houses.
Daily cleaning keeps things manageable,
but when the snow and freezing rains come clean-up becomes
next to impossible.
And so… for weeks during the wintertime, the mess just accumulates.
Once spring arrives, their yard will undergo a major clean-up.
I couldn’t stand their messy houses any longer,
so yesterday I got the scraper and the pitchfork out and got busy cleaning.
I removed several muck buckets full of soiled bedding
and replaced it with clean dry straw.
Life will be so much easier when things dry out…
but that won’t be for another month or more.
When I arrived at the barn yesterday, I realized that I had forgotten to don my ice cleats.
Although muck boots are very warm and water proof, they are not great on the ice.
I, of course, did what all farmers learn to do…
I improvised.
I tied baling twine around my feet for traction and finished my chores without a fall.
Ask any farmer… there’s nothing that cannot be fixed with either baling twine
or duct tape!
And lastly…
The sewing room re-do continues…
A ladder hangs above my sewing machine.  It is decorated with branches and ivy.
A large paper wasp nest hangs on the right.
Gold glittery stars and tiny LED fairy lights add just a little touch of magic.

I made a trip to Home Goods and found a rug and chair for my sewing room.

Rummaging through our barn, I found an old ladder to use as a wall display.

While I was working in here, yesterday, I noticed a voyeur outside my window….
which is strange given that this room is on the second floor.
Yes, that’s crazy Ivy cat… out for her daily constitutional and a little adventure.
Looks like she found a place for a birds-eye view of her world!
Even though this table is a work table,
I thought that perhaps it might be happy to have a little gussying-up…
when it’s not in use.
I think I just might have a tea party in here today… me and the dogs.

Want to join me?

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