Tuber Seed Varieties Collected from Vinod

Recently met Vinod from Puthanchira, Thrissur in a meeting where he was presenting his tuber collections. Apparently he has a wide collection of tubers – taros, elephant foot yams,air-potato,tapioca, ginger, turmeric, kachil (malayalam name,english name to be found out). There is another tuber farmer in Wayanad called Samuel, and Vinod is a disciple of him.

I gave him the variety of taro I had, and he gave me a set of tubers in return. It is a big responsibility to preserve them, had asked him to provide only one or two, but he just gave me a number of varieties. Will be starting planting them with rain.

Some varieties …

    Kuzhi Nirayan Chembu

 Kappa Chembu, Vinod says it can be eaten raw

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