Slush Puppies

Greeting from Slurpyland, friends.
No. Seriously.
To walk through the farm, you would think that a giant
Slurpee machine emptied it’s entire contents on our ground.
We have several inches of mush.
And when that mush is gone, there will be several inches of mud in its place.
It’s that time of year… things are starting to warm up just a tad…
just enough to jumpstart the melt and thaw process.
It was a quiet weekend on the farm.
We awoke to this on Saturday…
And with lots of rain in the forecast, we took our weekend hike
with the dogs on Saturday morning.
We hiked over to the tent in the woods.  
It was an effort to tire out the dogs in order to avoid cabin fever.
Apparently, where Sam is concerned, we were successful!
Rain and fog greeted us on Sunday.
And slush… lots of slush.
The sheep are beginning to look un-loved.
I assure you, they are quite loved,
but they look like urchins (fat urchins).
Winter has really taken a toll on their fleeces…
which, by the way are so thick that my fingers disappear up to the second knuckle.
I took full advantage of the inclement weather this weekend and tackled the
sewing room re-do.
With Hubbs’ help, we painted the walls.
What once looked like this… (with a lavender floral quilt on the day bed)
looks like this now (I pulled everything from my stash of antique linens)…
I liked the wisteria and the purple, but after 8 years…
I had grown weary of the same look.
Time for a facelift!
These shelves…
now look like this…
By the end of the weekend, things were beginning to shape up nicely.
The work table…
also got a facelift…
I basically shopped my own house and brought decor from other rooms…
I still have some ideas to finish…
like wall decor behind the day bed,
a rug,
and a small easy chair for beside this window.
Between cleaning and re-arranging, I made a batch of 
Valentine cookies for the Littles in my life.
What… you never heard of Valentines Pigs?
Around here… nothing spells love more than piggies!

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