Rice Cultivation – 2017 First Crop – Kunjukunju

Summer rains were less this year, received couple of rains in May 2nd week and starting of monsoon started around 5th of June. But still the rains were not strong, it does not continuously rain like it used to rain earlier.

Sensing less rain, lot of farmers started the cultivation with the first rain itself, by broadcasting seeds after ploughing. 

I waited for some more rain and used walk behind tiller this time, since it is not that damaging to the soil and also had added one more area for rice and in this area only tiller can be used.

Broadcasted seeds of Kunjukunju and then tilled once again so that seeds go inside the soil.


Germination was good and it has established uniformly. Still remains very dry, rain is avoiding this part.

Yesterday while going to farm could see that most of the paddy fields were dry since heavy rain was not there. But while coming back, scene changed completely, good rain and there was standing water in the paddy fields, felt quite happy to see that. It is raining heavily today, finally it looks like a rainy season.

Not many weeds this time, may be use of walk behind tiller reduced it?


Plants are not so healthy…this time, I had broadcasted and it looks like there are more plants per unit area and also water holding is less since land was not puddled.


Could harvest this area properly..

This one also..

Could not pick up this completely…

Because of lack of rain, the weeds completely took over the field and harvesting was not possible, could harvest only  a portion, just got around 20Kgs. It looks like dry field cultivation is not possible in this field, have to puddle and get rid of weeds completely and standing water is also required to control the weeds.

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