Spring Time Window Box

In Chicago, our springtime temperatures can be quite varied.  In 2011, Chicagoland temperatures have been extremely cold.  I decided last weekend to remove my winter display and begin planting a spring time window box.

I am fortunate to obtain excellent quality plants at our local Home Depot.  This year I picked up tulips, daffodils, pansies, hyacinths, and snow drops.  All of the plants were just coming through the ground so that my display will last much longer and I can watch them grow.  Here are a couple of my tips for creating an amazing display.

1) I removed ½ of the soil that was still in the container.  I was amazed this year that soil had frozen clumps.  Usually by April 1st, the soil is much easier to work with.

2) Use a high quality soil.  I prefer moisture control.

3) Over plant the window box.  I only keep the Spring Time box for 6 weeks.  In Chicago, the last day we can have a frost is by May 15th.  I begin my summer planting by then.

4) Remember to fertilize.  I use bloomer mix especially for the pansies.

5) Dead your flowers often.  This will additional flowers to grow during this short season.

I am looking forward to working on my rooftop garden and will keep you informed about the progress that is being made.  Happy Spring!

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