Another Who-Dunnit

This week brings yet another farm mystery!
Another “whodunit”.
This time, however, the suspect list is quite short.
Is it darling Daphne, the daring desperado?
Or is it cool Chloe, the crafty con-artist?
Let’s examine the crime scene for clues…
You see, months ago, when Hubbs and I installed this gate that leads from the pig yard
into the front pasture…
we removed only the lowest two boards of the fence.
This left a space that was just tall enough for two pigs and two sheep to
walk through.
We did this to prevent any wandering equine from ending up in the pigs’ or sheep’s yards.
There is a hay feeder in the sheep yard that would serve as a rather large smorgasbord
for an ever-hungry equine.
So, imagine my surprise yesterday afternoon as I was tending to the sheep,
when I saw this in front of their feeder!
It didn’t take much investigating to know who was responsible
for leaving behind this piece of evidence.
(It’s too large to be pig or sheep!)
The horses had been in the upper pastures on this particular day.
The donkeys had had full run of the front pasture.
The gate had been opened so that the pigs and sheep could join the donkeys there.
It looks like the donkeys had their own idea…
ducking under the fence and exploring new territory.
Unfortunately, for them, they were wearing grazing muzzles…
kind of like standing in front of a smorgasbord with your jaws wired shut!
It always seems that when the weather warms up just a little,
everyone has a tendency to get into a little mischief!
After today’s rain, the cold returns.
Everyone will stay very close to home when that happens.
Another Friday has come around again.
We are having weekend guests and have much fun planned.
We’ll be back on Monday with tales from the weekend.
Hope yours is perfect!

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