Christmas, New Year, New Paths

Christmas is over – not the same for many this year including here at SlowMoneyFarm. While the wonder of the season is always there, it’s different with missing family members and friends gone before and often those remaining are busy. It leaves time to think about changes – always! – and new year new life. What will we change?

A few new crops are possible this year for the farmer’s market, and once this cold snap passes we’ll be getting ready to plant greens and salad mixes. Tomatillos will return along with some other goodies. Raising the lower garden area, moving the hoop and expanding growing in back adds a different view. The goat pen desperately needs reseeded and rested.


Both hot and sweet peppers remain, more varieties of herbs and several varieties of basil again this year will be at the farmer’s market. With a new to me truck, with more hauling power, it’ll be new possibilities to getting things done at the home place also. The pantry is taking shape and hopefully the greenhouse and other improvements will be finished soon.

Connor is on the hunt for a new vehicle following an accident where someone ran a stop sign and totaled his car. Somehow Access Insurance believes that because they were pulling from a parking area it’s his fault so why look at witnesses that saw the other driver run the stop sign and total the vehicle…on a block long street.

Meat CSA options are open for 2018 for those interested as well as regular CSA options. If you haven’t been to my Facebook page or store please visit! And I’m trying to get access to be able to get back to blogging more often. I miss it and it’s been too long!!!

What is ahead? Stay tuned because it won’t be boring!

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