Tephrosia virginiana – 2nd year – Megadiverse Piedmont

By megadiversepiedmont

This is part of our farm’s ongoing “Native Legume Establishment in an Agroforestry Setting” project. We planted a number of goatsrue (T. virginiana) in the rows last year. A couple of them were photographed next to broccoli plants. These are the strongest survivors, twelve total. They were mostly covered in straw – I pulled it back for these photos, but then replaced it a couple days ago before the hard freeze.

Why native legumes? Legumes fix nitrogen out of the air = free fertilizer. All plants need nitrogen, because it is an essential part of chlorophyll (=photosynthesis). We’re incorporating native plants to support native pollinators, and to help pre….

Source: Tephrosia virginiana – 2nd year – Megadiverse Piedmont