Homesteading is Hard – Honey Pot Homestead

Homesteading is hard! There I said it. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing my heart desires more in this world than the homesteader’s lifestyle. But this transition stage, that I feel utterly stuck in, is for the birds. Some days it feels impossible, I want to make all of the changes all at once and just take off to some cabin in the woods and start living off the land. There are people out there who has done just that, why can’t I?

Well for starters, that never has been the plan. Our goal isn’t to live completely off grid. My dream has always been fairly modest. I want to grow my food, live a natural life, provide for myself and my family through my own creativity, opt out of the rat race, while continuing to enjoy a few modern luxuries (think indoor plumbing, and internet). Secondly I have financial obliga….

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