Let’s Talk Shit: Our DIY Composting Toilet – the bush shack

“The world is divided into two categories of people: those who shit in drinking water and those who don’t. We in the western world are in the former class. We defecate in water, usually purified drinking water. After polluting the water with our body’s excrements, we flush the once pure but now polluted water “away,” meaning we probably don’t know where it goes, nor do we care.” – The Humanure Handbook

The more I think about it, the angrier I get. Think about how much water gets wasted every single day, all around the world, just from flushing the toilet. Do you think about where it goes? What happens to it after you press that flush button? Do you think about all the chemicals used in the treatment plants, or the rivers and oceans that are polluted with this “waste”?  Imagine if there was a sustainable solution to this that nourishes and prot

Source: Let’s Talk Shit: Our DIY Composting Toilet – the bush shack

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  1. Yes when you think of it, it is insane that we defecate into purified drinking water!!! Although I must say that in some countries, like Belgium for example, people connect their toilet cistern to the rainwater that comes from the roof of the house. That is a good idea for a start.

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