Garden Update [wk102017] | The Existential Extension

My new favorite place(Left)

A wet weekend, very wet. The optimist in me hoped that Sunday would stay dry enough to break out the freshly serviced mower and get the first cut of the year done. The day began dry and breezy with peeks of sunshine, it was looking good but those hopes were soon quenched with multiple and heavy downpours. Not to worry, there will be plenty of time to cut the grass and before long I’ll be bemoaning the fact I’ve to cut it so regularly through the summer.

On the growing front, there was some good work done in the poly-tunnel, as you can see all ready to go now. It’s amazing how pleasant it is to work in there right now, there was a pretty chilly wind blowing but all was serene and warm inside then the added bonus of the noise of the rain and you’d happily stay in there for hours, I even brought mini-me down for a while where he promptly ro….

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