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IMG_20170303_175502You could tell from my last, hurried post that we were going to the Galapagos, right? The trip was a lifetime dream, and it didn’t disappoint. Of course you go to the Galapagos to walk in the footsteps of Darwin and the other great early naturalists whose work began to show us how the natural world works; you certainly go to see the amazing wildlife (see today’s NY Times for one of the most fascinating examples). But I go to look at plants.

Whenever I hike, I draw design inspiration from nature. I look at the way nature arranges plant communities and use what I see to help me design landscapes for my clients. Depending on the location, the species I see differ wildly, but the design principles are constant: nature abhors a vacuum and loves diversity. Here are just three examples, from two completely different locales. But th…..

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