Make 2015 an Organic Year

WASHINGTON, Dec. 29, 2014 /NEWS.GNOM.ES/ — 2014 was the year of science supporting the benefits of organic food and farming: for human health, pollinator health, and the health of the environment.

To help you ring in the new year and truly turn over a new healthy leaf, The Organic Center has transformed the top ten studies of 2014 into New Year’s resolutions that show how to improve the state of your diet and the state of our planet by choosing organic.

One: Be health-minded.  Eat organic.
A review of the latest research on the effects of organic agriculture and crops on public health found a clear health advantage in consuming organically produced food instead of conventionally produced. Published in theInternational Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, the findings concluded the lower pesticide residue levels in organic produce were a significant factor in helping account for these benefits.

Two: Get pesticides out of your life.
Pesticides, linked to numerous health problems, are still found on conventional produce in the grocery store. A study showed that eating an organic diet for just seven days can significantly reduce your exposure to pesticides. The research found pesticide metabolite levels in a group of individuals who ate a diet of at least 80 percent organic for a week were cut by up to 96 percent.

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  1. Well, you’re preaching to the choir here, but hopefully your wonderful post will hit a few newbies out there and enlarge the healthier population of the world by a good number (or even more). Have a great New Year.

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    I am a HUGE fan of organic farming and eating organic, ever since I came across a study almost 15 years saying it could be beneficial for kids with ADHD. I tried changing my daughter’s diet, and it worked. She, and I, haven’t been the same since. Think about making this year the year you go organic. You will not regret it.