Project: Making a Kenyan Top Bar Bee Hive (Part 2) | VanBow

Preface: This is part of a series which starts here and will probably have two more installments. This part covers making the top bars themselves. Enjoy my continued incompetence!

Welcome once again to my hive-making journey! This section of the project was a repetitious saw-bladed blur so my days might be mixed up a bit. I shall do my best!



Previously on woodworking with Katie: ANGLES ARE HARD. So in a continued attempt to tackle my weaknesses, I decided to do the most complicated part of the hive to me – the top bars. In case you’re confused about what the “top bars” are, they are these doohickeys:

BASICALLY the idea is that the little wedge provides a guide and attachment point for the bees to draw their comb. It is also STEP 8 in the HIVE MAKING HERO’S JOURNEY: facing a trial so grievous that (finger) death seems inevitable, and the eventual rebirth of hope (but not fingers). THIS IS A SERIOUS PROJECT, YA’LL.

Fortunately I decided to seek EXPERT INTERNET ADVICE! I made an ally in the priceless blog post from the Happy Hour at the Top Bar explaining in detail not only how to make said magical wooden widgets, but ALSO how to keep one’s fingers while doing so! I had not considered los….

Source: Project: Making a Kenyan Top Bar Bee Hive (Part 2) | VanBow