Garden Plans: The 2017 Expansion – casula mellita

Every year, every gardener has new plans for his or her garden. Some gardeners might try growing a new vegetable, begin starting plants indoors, or decide to save seeds. Others think about world domination and expand her number of 4 x 8 garden beds by seven and throw in a 4 x 4 for good measure. Oh, and, of course, try growing a new vegetable. Or five. Actually, I’m not certain offhand how many new types of vegetables I’m growing this year.

This year’s main goal is to expand the number of garden beds. The lone raised bed on the far side of the blueberries is looking a little, well, lonely. We are adding seven garden beds to that side of the garden. Additionally, the spacing between the fruit trees allows us to sneak in another half-sized bed. I have a truckload of dirt to order next week. Although I was none too thril….

Source: Garden Plans: The 2017 Expansion – casula mellita