Xola Keswa – Midlands Mosaic


Xola Keswa-Dlamini cannot pass a pile of rotting logs or heap of dry leaves without thinking how useful they would be in a food garden. “We are surrounded by so many valuable resources. There should be food growing everywhere. Unfortunately, many people still throw these resources away.”

Xola didn’t always see things this way, starting his journey by studying Primary Agriculture. “I had spent a lot of time with my Gran in her garden on a farm in Ixopo. She always used to tell me I could be like my grandfather – who had made a successful life for his family, growing food. I loved being outdoors in nature, so I thought I would check it out. I was curious about how people really grew food.”

Xola soon rebelled against the mainstream commercial practices and started asking questio…

Source: Xola Keswa – Midlands Mosaic