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Hey everyone! I apologize for not posting blogs as much lately. This is a super busy time of year for us because my birthday, Avery’s birthday and Josh’s birthday are all within 20 days! We finished everything for Avery’s 3rd birthday party this weekend so the next blog I do will be all about her party! 🙂 Anyways! A couple months ago I decided I wanted to do a garden for the first time this spring. So I have been doing lots of research, talking to our local garden store and getting lots of advice from my Grandpa who is GREAT at gardening! I’m so excited to enjoy all that comes from having our own fruit and vegetable garden. Before Spring comes I needed to make raised beds for my seeds to start. So we went to Lowe’s and got all the supplies! (not pictured here were the 17 bags of soil to fill it and…

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