‘No-dig’ – the annual mulch – Tweed Street Gardener

There is no definite beginning nor end to the gardening year – the seasons cycle round indefinitely bringing constant change but never anything as defined as a start or a finish. For me though, the annual spreading of compost on the beds feels very much like a fresh start in the allotment, with the plot looking like it is revitalised ready for spring (even if spring proper is still many weeks away). This ritual could happen any time from autumn, but mid-February is invariably the time when I get round to it.

Mulching the beds is part of our ‘no-dig’ approach – each year we top up the beds with 1-2 inches of compost which gradually gets drawn into the soil through the year by the worms. This lay….

Source: ‘No-dig’ – the annual mulch – Tweed Street Gardener