Raising Quail: The Beginning – The Butterfly Herder


If you have ever been browsing the web for urban homesteading ideas, you have surely heard about raising Quail. Compared to chickens, they are quieter and smaller and they mature faster, which can make them more cost-effective for eggs or meat. Where I live, the city limits on raising poultry do not apply, meaning we can keep the males. This means we can breed them ourselves, which will be a fabulous learning experience as we can observe the full life-cycle.

While there are places online to order Quail, I was thrilled when a craigslist search found someone local offering organic, non-gmo raised Coturnix Quail chicks and eggs. (Also known as Japanese Quail, Coturnix are considered the hardiest Quail species and therefore good for beginners.) I have been resear….

Source: Raising Quail: The Beginning – The Butterfly Herder