Let’s Lower the Price of Organic

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I needed a nice lentil stew today. I’ve been sick and the Ontario winter dumped a little more snow last night.  As I was adding all the vegetables I thought about the taste and quality of what I was making, and then I was compelled to draft this up while I was eating my yummy stew. I hear the comment often that organic is too expensive. It does cost more, but the more consumers buy the better the pricing will become.  I have noticed a huge drop in the last 10 years. Bananas, for example, are often close to the same price at my local store. But there is a mindset. You need to want to eat organic, and then figure out how you can.  It’s like saving for a trip and giving up dinners out, or making your own coffee instead of stopping daily at your favourite drive-through to add money to a savings plan. So here’s a few tips to get you sta…

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