B-Bye Tesla! Germans Invent Sports Car that Runs on Salt Water

Sunday, 28 December 2014

It’s finally here folks and it is stunning.

The Germans have created an electrical car powered by salt water. It has four electric engines and is FAST with some pretty sweet fuel economy for a sports car. Leave the Bugatti at home and stop by the beach to refuel.

The recent announcement that the Quant e-Sportlimousine, which is a salt water powered car, has been certified for use on European roads is a major achievement.

Unlike traditional cars that run on gasoline, the Quant e-Sportlimousine runs on an electrolyte flow cell power system made by NanoFlowcell that has the ability to generate an astonishing 920 horsepower (680 kW).

Read more here: http://macedoniaonline.eu/content/view/26703/56/