Andhra Pradesh farmer’s methods draw CM’s, scientists’ attention

A. Ravi Kumar | December 28, 2014, 03.12 am IST
Uppala Prasad, a farmer uses land for organic farming

Uppala Prasad, a farmer uses land for organic farming

Vijayawada: The story of 53-year-old Uppala Prasad, a farmer from Ghantasalapalem in Ghantasala mandal of Krishna district, is probably the best rags-to-riches story you will ever hear from the region. When most farmers are giving up agriculture due to mounting losses, Prasad’s journey from a mere two acres of land and two buffaloes in 1982 to farming in nearly 200 acres (10 his own and rest leased), and a herd of 300 high-quality buffaloes and cows, is remarkable.

“It took innovative methods of farming and organising the sale of farm produce to get here. I have my own shop in Hyderabad and I also have an online presence,” said Prasad.Also, Prasad uses 100 acres of his land for organic farming with zero pesticide. He follows cutting-edge methods and uses advanced seeds, not only for paddy and pulses but also for raw materials used in cattle brazing. His big dairy, that produces nearly 800 liters of milk every day, has inspired others to start similar ventures.

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