Rooting olive trees for organic farming

Nov 05, 2014
Rooting olive trees for organic farming
Figure 1: Olive cuttings of the Cornicabra variety of 15 cm with two pairs of leaves rooting in perlite substrate. Credits: Ana Centeno and María Gómez del Campo
Researchers at UPM have shown good results by using products that facilitate olive tree rooting and are authorized for organic farming.

After the enactment of regulations, there have been significant limitations to the use of certain products for rooting olive trees. Researchers from the School of Agricultural Engineering and School of Agricultural Technical Engineering of Universidad Politécnica de Madrid have taken an important step towards finding solutions thanks to the “Orgánico Terrabal” product that is permitted in organic farming and can be an alternative to the most popular rooting product for olive trees, indolebutyric acid. According to the regulation (CE) 834/2007 and 889/2008, indolebutyric acid is not permitted for organic production.

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