Girls power village electricity biogas project

Josaia Ralago
Friday, December 26, 2014

IT maybe something new for some youths in Vanua Levu.

But, members of the Manulevu Youth Club in Saqani are determined to be successful in their biogas project, which will provide electricity to the whole village.

The youths of Vuniwai Village have set next July as the celebration month when the project would begin.

Group president Isikeli Turaga said this would mean a lot for the villagers as it would be a major source of electricity.

He said the biogas plant would be powered from waste of pigs — another village project run by youths.

Mr Turaga said they planned to increase the number of pigs kept at the pen from 50 to 100.

The village consists of 38 homes, most of which depend primarily on solar power as their main source of electricity.

Mr Turaga said the pigsty and the plant was a Government initiative and both were run by the village youth group.

He said the youths do not believe in sexism but in unity as the females also had a part in the construction and in the daily management of the pigsty and the biogas plant.

The youths have also sold some pigs to raise money for other projects.