January 24, 2014


Promiscuous Tomatoes: An interesting blog post. Developing a locally adapted tomato variety by allowing cultivars to cross pollinate at will. Click here.

A Self Fertilizing Tower: Taken from a Press Release but with some good ideas. Click Here.

No Longer a Fad: Something I think we all knew. Click here.


2014 The Year of Organics?: I’m sure we hope so! Click here.

More on the Dangers of Cross Contamination from GMOs: This article is site specific yet covers the obvious dangers to the organic grower from GMOs. Click here.

Support for Small Scale Farmers in Peru: The future is small, varied and vibrant. Land populated with farmers feeding themselves and the world. A Peruvian perspective. Click here.


The Wall Street Journal talking Organic Food: The financial world has been waking up to the commercial possibilities of real food. Click here

Organic Food Shortages: Weather and demand are causing short term shortages. Surely this is an opportunity not a disaster? Click here.

A Simple Experiment: A viral video demonstrating contamination and how to avoid it through eating as a locavore. Click here.