Macomb pantry to farm fish, grow produce indoors

A Macomb County food pantry is embarking on an innovative project that organizers say could revolutionize the fight against hunger, while providing clients with healthier selections and fresh choices.

Hope Center in Macomb — a grocery store-style, choice food pantry — is preparing to build a commercial-size aquaponics farm inside its warehouse on Groesbeck in Fraser that will allow it to raise its own organic fish and grow hydroponic vegetables, such as lettuce, tomatoes and strawberries.

The $214,000 project is getting a $25,000 starter grant from the United Way for Southeastern Michigan with an additional $25,000 match to donations the center receives for the project, said Eric Davis, senior director of community impact.

“For an organization, a nonprofit, to be thinking long-term is really positive,” Davis said. “Other benefits they are talking about, they’re really quite cutting-edge.”

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