Taste of Taveuni

Humans have long chosen to live close to volcanos for one simple reason: the soil. The prehistoric, mineral-rich ash and molten lava eventually settles down into rich fertile land that is perfect for farming. It’s not hard to imagine why the ancient Polynesian settlers decided to call Taveuni their home. They knew the fertile land would provide richness unlike any wealth known to their civilisation: food. Welcome to a Taste of Taveuni.

Taveuni Island’s reputation as the garden island is well deserved, but in truth it should really be known as Fiji’s island of food and long life.

The rich volcanic soil cannot be understated. It will literally grow anything, and grow it big.

From the giant pineapples and papaya, to the dalo and yaqona; the people of Taveuni could very well be Fiji’s healthiest residents — if they ate solely from the land and sea, and less from the factory.

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