Homestead Plans | Temple of Athena the Savior


So, we bought this land in December of 2015, and started to make trips out here right away. We didn’t move here permanently until March 2016. So we have not spent a full year on the property yet. I think it’s important to not make major decisions about the land until we have been through a full year’s cycle here. The property is 5 acres, but the main part that we live on is only about a quarter to one-half of an acre. Every month or so we walk around our property to see how it’s changed in the season. Most of our land is heavily wooded, and some parts are currently so overgrown that it’s almost impassible. Changes to the heavily overgrown parts will be easier to make in winter, when much of the greenery and brambles die back. The easier way to get rid of all the overgrowth would be to fence in the entire prop….

Source: Homestead Plans | Temple of Athena the Savior